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Hi everyone, Ok this is my very first Blog but not my last….lol Well it all started when I ordered my daughter’s birthday cake at a professional Italian bakery. The cake it self was very cute but it was expensive and I couldn’t keep it out to long as the frosting was melting. Once I cut into it, it started to falling apart, totally disappointed I tell you. My husband turned to me and said “You know you could do better then that right????” and I totally agreed. This was back in October 2011. I did a lot of research because I though I wold have to attend a college or something to learning how to do all these delicious treats and to my SURPRISE the answer was NO I did not. So I took 4 different  courses which included 4 lessons each once a week, which now I teach to my students and they are great everyone. It was well worth it   I also sell my delicious creations at affordable prices.  


Stay tuned for more of my blogs Good night 


To all my blog readers,

Last week I was baking up a storm for my first wedding event for Joanie & Gabriel at the Hamilton Inn and suites in the West Island. I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s not always easy to bake for such a large group of people (100 ), organization is the key. The wedding was a big hit and so was all my baked goods for the sweet table and the wedding cake too. I got so many conpliments I was speechless and so overwhelmed. One of the guest even said that my caramel cupcakes were ”ORGASMIC” she actually ate 2…..lol I just love it when my clients love my delicious delights it’s such a great feeling of gratitude.

Until next time have a delicious day!

Tanya Cabral